Use These Three Design Tactics to Help Sell Your Home


Curb appeal helps you sell your house fast. And in this economy, home owners wanting a quick sale can increase their home’s curb appeal with the right landscaping. The right landscaping can go be a huge benefit towards selling a house. Here are three ideas to guide realtors and homeowners in optimizing a home’s curb […]

Bare Nakid Deck Syndrome

Bare Nakid Deck

It can happen to anyone. You walk outside, onto your deck, take a few steps, and suddenly realize you’re standing in the middle of a vast, barren space, where nothing is happening – or about to. The wind whistles forlornly through your hair as you turn a 360 degree circle, staring out over a wasteland […]

Fall Container Gardens – Plan Now for Spectacular Autumn Color

Fall Container Gardens

Cool autumn days means it’s time for fall container gardens. Pots planted in the spring and summer are starting to look a bit tired, and a gardener’s thoughts turn to planning containers filled with spectacular autumn color. What are you looking for in fall container gardens? Vibrant Autumn Shades for Spectacular Autumn Color Colors need […]